About Mobyclub

Welcome to Mobyclub.

We know there are far more books in the world than you can ever read. And we know no-one wants to waste time on bad books.

That’s why there are book reviews – to help you choose what’s worth reading and what’s not.

But as there are even more book reviews than books, how on earth do you find the time or money to buy them all, read them all, then decide which books to buy?

Impossible, right?

That’s why we created Mobyclub.

It’s a platform where readers, writers, teachers, students, journalists, commuters, holidaymakers and anyone in love with good books can:

  • find all the best and most recent reviews in one place
  • make easy, informed decisions about what to read
  • buy those books with a single click, from a trusted source

There’s no charge for any of this, it’s all completely free – except buying the books of course!

To make it even easier for you to keep up with the latest in the world of great reading, we send out a weekly newsletter rounding up the highlights. So if you missed anything you won’t miss out.

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