First Love

Riley’s novel about a poisonous partnership makes uncomfortable reading, but it’s also bl

The Guardian
Stuart Evers
19 Mar 2017

An exquisite closeup of a toxic marriage interrogates the ephemeral nature of everyday ex

The Guardian
Joanna Kavenna
26 Jan 2017

Gwendoline Riley teases out some painfully funny episodes in the domestic life of a strug

The Spectator
John Burnside
11 Feb 2017

Riley once described her writing as “picking at scabs and lying awake”.

New Statesman
Anthony Cummins
30 Jan 2017

First Love, much like its narrator, Neve, is caustic, unsparing, occasionally fu

The Irish Times
Nicole Flattery
01 Apr 2017

At the heart of Gwendoline Riley’s short, dark, funny novel is a marriage in which bullyi

The New York Times
James Lasdun
19 May 2017