The Long Take

“The Long Take” is about a soldier who washes up in Los Angeles after the second world wa

The Economist
The Economist
18 Dec 2018

This year’s best novel might just be a poem, according to the Booker judges, who have sho

The Telegraph
Tristram Fane Saunders
15 Oct 2018

Robin Robertson is best known as an editor – of novelists John Banville, Anne Enright, Ja

The Irish Times
John McAuliffe
13 Oct 2018

Robin Robertson is something of a specialist in pain.

London Review of Books
Colin Burrow
30 Aug 2018

When is a poem not a poem? Well, if it gets too long it may turn into a “verse novel”.

The Times
James Marriott
18 Aug 2018

In one of his more pontifical essays, TS Eliot declared that a poet could not be consider

The Guardian
Robin Robertson
24 Mar 2018

I really feel like reading another verse-novel,” is not a sentence anyone has ever said.

The Times
Jeremy Noel-Tod
25 Feb 2018